The SharEHR Network marks a revolutionary genesis of new provider relationships while strengthening existing associations. SharEHR has joined forces with the medical insurance industry in the war against disease.

Money in medicine goes to the following:
     1.      Providers,
     2.      Insurance Companies, and
     3.      Disease.

The major insurance companies are now rewarding Primary Care Physicians (PCP) when their practices assure quality care. This is a fast-growing trend. One powerful measure of quality assurance is patient compliance. It is conservatively estimated that 15-30% of patients do not follow-through when they are referred to specialists to stop the progression of disease. It is interesting that non-compliance is equally pervasive across all working-class, socioeconomic levels.

To the extent various diseases are brought and kept under control in a timely fashion, the less money goes to disease. When less money goes to the disease states, huge, newfound profits are available for PCPs, Specialists and Insurers.

The SharEHR Network is a powerful toolset for achieving unprecedented levels of patient compliance. SharEHR also builds a strong team approach through improved collaboration, producing a more disease-based model of care with improved outcomes.

Participation in The SharEHR Network is available to all quailified medical providers at no charge.

Everyone Wins  -  Everyone Profits.